I feel as though a massive black hole has sucked me into its vortex and beauty and creativity have been left in another dimension. Out of touch, out of reach, out of sight but something I still remember- I yearn for it. Ohh the scintillating high of a creative buzz, I crave it, but for some reason my dealer is out of town and I've chewed through the first 50 bucks worth that he gave me for free.
In a desperate attempt to pull myself out of the hole and back to the light I googled "finding creativity". I found some insight, "the key factor for creativity is just by doing something that hasn’t been done before."

So lacking the ideas to do anything else and lacking the inclination to move my ass I decided I'd fill 3 minutes with nothing but what I could see from sitting right here in my chair.

Hopefully this will get my ball rolling again :) Oh, hang on. I did it! I created something...who cares if its crap, I've been creative,, yaayy! it worked!

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