“FOOL CIRCLE” REFERENCES/TRIBUTES/SYMBOLISMS (for those that care)(in no particular order): “Delaware Beach Times newspaper (Delaware coin in THE BEACH); Allison’s picture in newspaper is taken on a beach (beach in THE BEACH and ALLISON); strangulation (security guard in JOB SECURITY and babysitter in ALLISON); gunshots mentioned while psychiatrist was on cell (gunshots in THE BEACH); key in the ignition shot (tribute to the first member-made film that started us down this crazy road with JOB SECURITY); the name “Vinnie Phillps” (my personal tribute to Vincent LaForet and Phillip Bloom, the two guys, whose works, influenced me to switch from HDV to DSLR’s earlier this year); the line “I got us plane tickets” (reference to the airport in THE CABBIE, and a play on words of the title name, indicating the story is coming full circle); “how long has this particular episode lasted - 23 minutes now” (the approximate total running time of every chapter up to that point); “go change the tape” (reference to the video cameras in ALLISON); Allison in the trunk (reference to the moving trunk in THE CABBIE and JOB SECURITY); and the characters were all deliberate. What wasn’t deliberate was Vinnie’s earplugs being full circles, lol.

note: Our view numbers from 7/30 are a little disturbing by the hopefully its just symbolism about our chapter 6 story about a crazy murderer. lol.

"Chapter Six:Fool Circle" is my Chapter 6 entry into "The Story Beyond The Still" contest. It is a continuation from the previous chapters and is my interpretation of the story thus far.
Catch up with the other 5 chapters here:
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Executive Producer/Director/Camera/Editor: Marc Jonathan de Jesus

Story by: Marc Jonathan de Jesus

Written by: Marc Jonathan de Jesus & Chris "CARM" Armstrong

Producer/Location/Wardrobe/Props/Vehicles/Casting: Chris "CARM" Armstrong

Vincent "Vinnie" Phillips: Conrad Hernandez (
Allison Phillips: Ireland Rose Smith (
Government Scientist/Psychiatrist: Morgan Roy
Government Executive/Orderly #1: Adam O'Neill (
FBI Agent/Orderly #2: Chris "CARM" Armstrong (
Sonny the Taxi Driver: Robert S. Smith (

Film Score by: Asaf Fulks and Nick Doidge, The OC Recording Company

Thanks to:
Howard's Garage & Classic Car Restoration (
Orange County Yellow Cab (714) 999-9999

Special Thanks to:
Josie & Marcelo de Jesus
Elizabeth Armstrong
Asaf Fulks @
Robert & Robin Smith
Joe Aldana
Jeff Bardzik
Carl Bulanek
Holly & Mark Fisher
Brad NewMyer
Mark Sevi
Terri Shannon
Marshall Young
Monogram Magic - (949) 770-5056

"Fool Circle" was shot primarily on the 5D... but I shot 2 scenes with the 7D (when the 5D was wiggin out).

I apologize for the image quality of some of the shots, I think my 5D (which was purchased when it first came out) is ready to retire... or maybe im doing something wrong lol.

Lenses I used (all Canon): 50mm f1.2, 70-200mm IS f2.8, 16-35mm f2.8 & 24mm f1.4.

Edited using Premiere CS4, Cineform Prospect HD and Cineform Firstlight (4 color correction).

Other stuff I used: Glidetrack, Zacuto quick draw, Tascam dr-100, Rode NTG-3, couple of Litepanels, and a cheap Azden mic to mount on the 5D (oh yah, and a leatherman,.. watching macgyver as a kid paid off lol)(yes i know he used a swiss army knife).

Thank you to everyone involved for your time, talents, effort and patience, I really really appreciate it...


Thanks for spending 4 minutes of your time to watch.
Whether this things goes anywhere or not, the journey getting to this point of upload, was pretty crazy and well "worth it".. thank God for coffee.. and belvedere.. jk (or not) lol.

...finally, thank you to the pioneers of 5D film making.

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