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Chapter 6 “Deception”

SETUP: Thug (kills Guard and finds Cabbie wallet) works for the scientist, Jeurgen, but has turned Double Agent and provides info to FBI. Jeurgen’s ‘boy’ allows Cabbie to visit his daughter, Allison, for one week. Cabbie escapes with girl.

CHAPTER SYNOPSIS: Cabbie gives Allison to Beachcomber for safety. Beachcomber/FBI has set up a sting operation by sending girl with Double Agent on a plane back to Jeurgen. Double Agent discovers ‘evidence’ in a trunk, and turns it over to FBI. Mystery surrounds identity of girl- she is not the real daughter.


Double Agent (aka Thug 1) Dino Brogna
Jeurgen (aka Scientist) Darren Johnson
Allison 2 Alexandra Karker
Beachcomber/FBI Marcus Kaminski
Biker FBI Martin Hogan III
Sniper FBI #1 Jay Greiner
Sniper FBI #2 John Dyer
Photog FBI Larry Westfall
Pilot John Dyer

Directed and Edited by Dan Rubottom

Written by Raven Rubottom

Director of Photography Dan Rubottom

Grading and Sound Design by Dan Rubottom

Assistant Producer Dino Brogna

Production Coordinator Raven Rubottom

Audio Assistants Marleeta Smith
Aaron Hogan

Production Assistance Martha Smith
Mardo Garcia
Jay Greiner
John Dyer
Larry Westfall

Prop Assistance Ashlee Hurst

Original Scores
Joshua Peterson

Willie Garcia

Additional VFX David Chapman

Special Thanks John Dyer
CaroPam Corporation Hooks Airport, Spring TX

Special "Flashback Sequence" Insert film Crew Sterling Rubottom
Alexandra Karker

Equipment Provided by

Jib Rental
Michael Walters

Edited at Epiphany Creative Group

Written and Shot within 24 hours, post-production the following week using:
Canon 5D Mark II
1080p 24fps 1/50 shutter
Superflat Picture Style
Nikon manual primes
200 f4
100 f2.8
85 1.8
Canon 24-70 L
Fader NDs

Arri Kit
Diva 400
2 Litepanels
4 Coleman LED lanterns

Indie Dolly

Zoom H4N
Sennheiser Shotgun

Edited, graded and mixed
Final Cut Pro 6

Magic Bullet Looks

After Effects CS3

Additional post sweetening in
Soundtrack Pro

Special Thanks! to additional scores submitted by
Todd Burns
Abel Orta Jr.

Check out a new "making of" video edited by my 12 year old on iMovie, shot by her friend on a T2i.

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