"You have just walked down this river in parable. In doing so you have defeated me."

"No, the river was in parable, but I have defeated you in fact."

"The river is in fact. Your saying so is the greater parable."

Baltimore's super-group Geodesic Gnome (lead by philosopher/musician John Berndt) specializes in just three well-defined areas: 1. paradoxes as compositions, 2. "Gnomic utterances" and deliberate obscurity as content, and 3. the recreation of poorly understood historic incidents. Entirely out of the compartments of music, theatre, naturalism, and product focus groups, Geodesic Gnome are marco to your micro and micro to your macro. In "Daishadokyo" they combine all of their interests with Zen Archery and an obscure walk down the Jones Falls River to parse out a new kind of logic. With the amazing talents of Peter Blasser, Sarah El Jallad, John Eaton, Stephanie Barber, Mike Muniak and John Berndt.

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