The Fishermen's Revolt, soon to be a major motion picture, chronicles an appropriate response to big oil run amuck, pardon the pun, with full government collusion. The disaster in the gulf is destroying the oceans, killing off the ecosystem and threatens humans as well. In this song, a just response to the disaster results in people tossing the big oil puppet government aside, because . . . all the fish are dead.

The music is provided by fine recording artist David Blanche, see:

(Background vocals and harmonica by Don Carson)

The full lyrics are available at this link:

We take inspiration from gulf warriors like Kindra Arnesen and Pensacola Gregg Hall (see ) and the thousands of other regular people who are finding their feet and straightening their backs up to confront this spiraling disaster . . . stay strong and join the battle . . . it must be joined!

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