I saw a shaky, dark youtube video of these two kids pulling a little tarp over their heads and thought it was the coolest thing ever. I got their email from my friend Marc Beaty at Surfline and gave them an email. After talking on the phone with Dodge, I learned that his friend's dad Robert got the idea one day and supposedly they'd boughten a much bigger tarp and were getting insane tubes in their driveway. Dodge's stoke was so palpable that I drove up a few days later to Mission Viejo, CA. Shooting this was the funnest single day I'd ever had shooting, we were pretty much laughing the whole time. My only regret was holding on to it thinking I was going to release it in some film festival down the road. I didn't release it until those guys from Santa Cruz made their hilarious video a few months later claiming they were the inventors of Tarp Surfing. Pretty funny. A few months later Apple used Dodge and Wyatt from Tarp Pits in their new iPhone commercial.

"Tarp Pits"
Featuring Dodge Weirath and Wyatt Brady
Filmed and Edited by Cyrus Sutton
A Peel short for Korduroy.tv
Music by the Blank Tapes

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