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Three people are waiting him at the railway station. He is named as Mr Polonius. Trains storm by. Only the public phone is ringing and giving orders ferociously. The people waiting are Romanians on their way to the England of their dreams. Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence? This and more will be revealed to the characters of this fresh fast moving comedy where the bones of Hamlet and Causescu with the statue of Lenin lead them from one situation to the other. This performance is a mixture of Beckett, a road-movie and satiric thriller. The performers are an interesting mixture of actors with different nationalities.

"A Graverobbers Dreamjob.
Director David Kozma has built the performance to be very stylized – mixing physical action with strong caricatures. A succesful solution. Kozmas skilled actors put out their best on the stage. Especially Romulus Chiciuc who does all the minor parts. Chiciuc charms the audience as a Romanian conductor who helps his compatriots in trouble." (Toni Lehtinen / Turun Sanomat)

Direction: David Kozma,
Dramaturgy: Markus Alanen
Performers: Romulus Chiciuc, Harald Kolaas/ Timo-Pekka Luoma, Salla Kozma, Arnt Christian Teigen/ David Kozma
Scenography and Costume Design: David Kozma ja Maija Poskiparta
Music: Lauri Wuolio
Choreography: Mari Koponen.
Finnish premiere in co-production with Korjaamo Culture Factory 29.8. 2007.

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