The Invigilator, directed by Manesh Nesaratnam, is a story about two high-school teachers and their aspirations in the teaching profession. Starring celebrity actor Cheryl Samad and Tony Eusoff, this film is at once a light-hearted clash of pedagogical perspectives and at the same time an echo of societies' frustrations with the inadequacies of available education systems.

The Invigilator has been selected and screened for the Fukuoka International Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Australian Malaysian Film Festival, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Pacific, Dawnbreakers International Film Festival and London Asian Film Festival.

Writer/Director: Manesh Nesaratnam
Producers: Amy Lim & Roshan Ravi
Co-Writer: Nathaniel Tan
Director of Photography: John Goh
Art Director: Shio Chuan Quek

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