With it’s slogan “Come share your energy” BC Hydro (provider energy solutions) has organized a very cool unofficial hub event during the Olympic Games of 2010 in Vancouver. It’s a zero charge gathering place in downtown Vancouver, very close to the Olympic grid. The Sustainable Dance Floor generated its positive energy during the full length of the games at this special venue. This video promoted the event and shows the set up of the Sustainable Dance Floor

Who we are: energy-floors.com
We provide human powered interactive floor systems for events, exhibitions and public spaces.We, Energy Floors, believe that consciousness about energy is very important for the creation of a sustainable world. Our goal is to create awareness about energy production and energy consumption by making it interactive and fun and relating it to human scale. By implementing human powered interactive floor as well as inspiring applications at events and locations worldwide, we create unique experiences for our client’s audiences. That way the public is engaged in sustainability and susceptive for the client’s message about energy. In 2009 we successfully launched the world’s first energy generating floor, the Sustainable Dance Floor, which has been used at about 350 events and projects over the past five years.

Wer wir sind: Durch moderne Technik und ökologisches Design zu kombinieren,beleuchtet Energy Floors (vormals Sustainable Dance Club) nachhaltigen Lebensstil von einer etwas anderen Seite. Sich über Klimaerhaltung bewusst zu werden muss nicht langweilig oder einschränkend sein. Wir verbinden das Nützliche mit Spaß und Interaktivität, und möchten so nachhaltige Botschaften übermitteln. Weltweit sollen Menschen sensibler für das Thema Energieverbrauch und Energieproduktion werden. Wir glauben, dass Bewusstsein über Energie und den Einfluss den wir alle darauf haben, die wichtigsten Komponenten sind um eine nachhaltigere Welt zu schaffen.


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