Presenting my latest Flash Music Toy App Thing -
Cellular AutoMidi!

For more info and to download the App visit -

Basically - each cell can be alive or dead. Once in a generation, each cell looks at it's surrounding cells, and dies if it is lonely or overcrowded. If a dead cell has an optimum amount of neighbors, it will come to life! Each generation, all the cells which have come to life will sound a note. The notes are assigned based on the cell's y position, and are all in the pentatonic scale.

There's a few controls at the bottom which change how things work too.

Start/Stop - Starts/Stops the automation.
Load - Loads a pattern from the text box.
Export - Exports the current pattern to the clipboard. You can send it to friends, or save it for later, then load in with the load button.
Clear down - Stop and clear the current pattern.
Law Mode - An error when coding the cell rules gave this other odd mode.
Skip Audio - Just show the cell animations.
Sing Dead - Instead of singing the recently revived notes, sing for the recently deceased.
Note duration - Alter the system speed.

Also, along the top there are banks of preset systems. Click play to start a saved pattern, and click assign to assign the pattern currently displayed to that button. You can also trigger each pattern with the keyboard keys 1-8.

When you press Export, your pattern is automatically copied to the clipboard, so you can save it, or share it with people. Here's a pattern I made - you can load it by pasting it into the load box, and pressing Load!

The app is fully compatible with Flash Midi Server (my Flash to MIDI audio interface app) - it checks to see if it is running when the app is launched. If it's not, then it uses fancy Flash Player 10 dynamic audio! I'm hoping to roll this out to the Flash Midi Server class soon - so any app which tried to access the midi server and fails, will use the dynamic audio as a backup. I'll keep you posted!

For more info visit -

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