Midtown 24 developer Granvil Tracy commissioned the artist Ivan Toth Depeña and his design company Airboat to develop public installations on site that would transform the spaces in to interactive environments. Depeña and Airboat worked on the installations to provide playful and engaging projects that captured the participant's attention and kept them entertained when entering the main lobby and/or waiting for the elevators.

The final products are an inviting combination of technology and art. Using custom camera tracking programming the installations follow the participant through the space, reacting to movements, gestures and responding visually via projections and video walls where the participant sees their visage on screen abstracted and larger than life. For instance, in the main lobby installation a piece entitled "Fragments" greets the visitor when they walk in the front door with randomly generated introductions and famous welcome quotes. As the participant walks through the main lobby space, the installation responds to their movement by both giving them important way finding information and creating a beautiful abstracted representation of themselves on the screen. The piece is also programmed to gradually change color to coordinate itself with the changing time of day and light outside.

In the elevator lobbies the participant can use their bodies to draw abstract shapes and lines on the screen. They can also use their bodies to move around words to form interactive magnetic poetry. These interactions culminate in a constantly evolving projection that creates a new composition each time it is used or the space is occupied. The video work also integrates itself in to the architectural space by capturing the user's movement in the space and changing the projected surface of the wall.

Artist/Designer/Creative Director: Ivan Toth Depeña
Programming: Matthew Ostrowski and Jack Kalish
Visualization and Motion Graphics: Chris Pacetti and Jeffey Lai
Production and Project Management: Teela Depeña
Architecture & Interior Design: ADD Inc.

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