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Edit 17 July 2010

Film will be released on 8th of October 2010 in Germany. You can buy it nearly everywhere in germany. But the film will also be released worldwide.

Edit 4 January 2010

Film is finished since a year now. And yess... it will be released in coming future. The film exist and just business is what helds it back from being released.

So, keep your eyes open. You will see BTS ;)

Edit 2.December 2008!

I am glad to tell you:
The film is finished now.
We are just preparing everything to release it and you may get updates here ASAP.

Hope that we may see us in cinema one day ;)

The music in the trailer is from Chris Heck. The guy that talks and screams in the beginning. The music is nowhere to buy and nowhere to hear except in the trailer. Chris can tell you more about that.


I quitt skateboard movies when I entered film school.

Now, after 5 years I came back to develop a new style of narration in skateboard movies.
Together with Chris Heck, who is also a protagonist in this movie we try to make our way.

Quentin Tarantino always chilled in the video rental store and was bored of all the same movies. The same happened to with me and all the Skateboard videos.

"Born To Skate" it is a roadmovie, which does not only show skateboarding, but life in its true sense.

It´s my masterwork in filmschool in germany
The film itself will be about 60- 90 minutes long.
There is still, a lot of hard work has still to be done.

Soon, the website: borntoskate.de will be online, and more infos will be available.

I hope you liked the trailer.Please comment and enjoy it.
I am happy about every critic.

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