This was a rehash of something I did from my traditional Tech 3 class....I decided to ink it after putting it away for a year. Originally this was a test that some classmates and instructors say my stuff started to look roto. But to be painfully ---hurtfully honest--I didn't roto. There wasn't any reference at all either.

A few months ago after I inked the drawings, I scanned it all in. That took me 2 hours for like 220 drawings. Crazy I thought. That particular sequence is the longest sequence you'll see in the video--its a full body shot that lasts about 8 seconds or more.

The rest of the animation was done in flash. This was after the fact that I had made 2 films and had 3 weeks to spare.

The song is called.... "Ever little star" by Linda Scott. Thanks to my friend Frank for helping me discover this oldies original. Enjoy.

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