Video length: 02:19

Video by Simona Piantieri
Poem by Jo Hutton
Music and Sound by Jo Hutton
Voice over by Iliana Flade


What goes on behind closed doors? The dark side of a happy family. How safe is ‘The Home?’ Childhood memories, sweet and sour, inform, challenge and unsettle the adult mind, perpetuating the continuous cycle of reward and punishment passed through generations of parenthood.


The bittersweet taste of your love,
Beautiful chameleon,
Silent captain of a drowning ship.
Breasts full and soft
Nourishing your child
Yet barbed nipples
Prick the searching fingers
Of father’s unwanted hands.

Soon your child is growing older,
Praised and punished
Sent upstairs,
Left alone
The quiet sanctity of a dark cupboard
Reflection without light
So unfair

The muffled sound of laughter
The happy family downstairs,
The trouble maker sent upstairs

Such a difficult child!

All flown away now
What do you do Mother,
Day after day
Waiting for a visit

All grown up
Who can you turn to now mother,
You are the glue that binds the twigs of an empty nest

All gone away,

Was it a dream,

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