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The second webisode / sneak peek of the Johnny Cupcakes LA shoppe. Working closely with a company that builds, fabricates and engineers various things for Disney Land/World, Universal Studios, Jeff Koons, Ellsworth Kelly, as well as other international artists + architects. They're helping me bring my crazy ideas to life. This new LA Johnny Cupcakes shoppe will be quite the memorable experience.

My parents and select friends think I'm insane for putting so much time, energy and money into my LA shoppe. I really just want it to be a fun, different, memorable experience. Whether people are or are not into my brand, every time they see a bakery or a cupcake they talk about Johnny Cupcakes. "Oh my - there's this kid who's been opening up bakeries on expensive streets, and he doesn't even sell real food!" - Instantly friends of the upset hungry people, become very curious & have to check out this Johnny Cupcakes thing.

Now how about this; After going into my new LA shoppe and seeing a wall of 27 vintage oven doors that move & steam - as well as witnessing a giant 11' foot tall oven that employees walk in and out of... EVERY time those happy and/or unhappy people see an oven in their lifetime, my name/brand will probably come up in conversation. Every human looks at an oven at least two times a day, every day. "Oh my - there's this kid who opens up bakeries on expensive streets & doesn't even sell real food! On top of that, he has a poo poo load of moving/steaming vintage ovens in his store. This kid even has a 10' foot tall oven that employees walk in and out of! I don't get it?!"

Yadda yadda yadda... anyways - I just still have that prankster inside of me. I almost feel like the Willy Wonka of t-shirts. I enjoy making people feel like kids again. And I want everyone to remember me when I pass away. I don't plan on passing away anytime soon, but it would be nice to be some sort of historic wise tale that gets passed down. And if/when I do pass away, it would be nice to go down in an adventurous way - via a great white shark eating me whole.

Most companies try to cut corners to turn a huge profit, and don't think twice about making the customers happy via spending extra time, energy & money on attention to details & experiences. Well I'm ALL for the little (and BIG) details. It is all about the experience, because at the end of the day we're all just humans hustling a product to consumers. Why not make it an unforgettable adventure for both parties?

Anyways, that's my two cents. My buddy Dan Dobi added his special filming ingredients and skills - I hope you enjoy!

Re-post this video + spread the word about the coming grand opening of my Los Angeles shoppe; Saturday August 2nd. Doors at 3pm. 7959 Melrose Avenue. There are already a ton of people flying out from all around the U.S. to camp out for 3 days prior to the grand opening. Yes, 3 days.

Bon Appetit!
Johnny Cupcakes

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