**Ka-Ching! Got an Honorable Mention from Nick Campbell. Thanks Nicky :] **

My mom always told me i should eat my vegetables..
..even if they looked kinda funky.. :$

Yet another GSG 5second project, for the theme "CMYK":

Since I figured CMYK was Sooo Old [19th century?!what tha..?], I thought I might as well just vintage the Hell out of anything in this project. Therefore, the crystal clear audio got some dirty ol' treatment, and so did the visuals. I've also watched some good old Intermission ads they used to show in drive-in's during the 50's & 60's, just to study those funky camera moves :]
T'was pretty funny to see how they brainwashed kids into eating this junk food. Thank you, mr. spokesman, but I'll stick to my vegetables :]

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