I'm preparing for FITC, and this means releasing all this Flow stuff open source and trying to make it easy for people to mess about. Part of this is writing a library for loading and parsing the data captured by the Flow system. This library will actually be written and ported for these platforms:

- Flash ActionScript 3 (Flash Player 10)
- Processing
- C++ (for both Cinder and openFrameworks)

I made a decision a few days ago to make the data exporting feature adhere to the GML (Graffiti Markup Language) format specified over at Evan Roth's Graffiti Analysis site: graffitianalysis.com/gml/

The decision comes from the way the data is described in GML, which syncs up really nicely with what's captured during sessions with Flow. It also allows for more interoperability and data portability.

To demonstrate this, I tested the Flow library examples I'm writing with both Flow-exported data and some sample GML tags that come with the latest version of Graffiti Analysis (graffitianalysis.com/downloads/)

This video shows the tag by SHE that's included in Graffiti Analysis 2.0.

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