So this is my diy build for an LCD viewfinder for the t2i. Definitely a work in progress. Despite my cynicism it actually works very well. I need to find a better way to mount it for when I get my battery grip, but its a great accessory and I have used it a bunch. I'm thinking of getting an lcd viewing shade to test next.

It won't attach to a tripod with the current build, because I didn't think of that when I built it. When I build the next one I'll probably just make the plastic part bigger so I can screw my quick release into it. Easy to do.

The only real ingredient you need to mount it is a 1/4" 20 screw of some size to mount to the bottom until I come up with a better idea. The magnifying class was about $2 and the drain fitting was 4$. I just took the magnifying glass around until I found a rubber drain that fit it. I used plastic for the base plate but anything rigid that you can drill a hole in would work. You could even rubber band this thing to the body.

It cost around 6 dollars and took maybe 20 minutes to tape the cardboard together. I chose black duct tape because it is awesome. If I put some stickers on it then it might even look pro :D.

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