Music Video for "Her Name is Sharon" by The Kingsleys

The Kingsleys and their robot friends hit the streets of Sunny LA to proclaim the awesomeness of the Smashingly Stunning Sharon Skowronski. Throw in some hot 80's photos of Sharon in her prime "doing her thing" and some vintage Super 8 clips shot by Sharon's main man Dan and you have yourself one hell of a pretty decent feel good music video.

All interior shots take place in The Kingsley's recording studio/apartment on Kingsley Drive in the heart of Hollywood, California. All outdoor shots are in places the Kingsleys could walk to from their recording studio/apartment.

Tech Specs:
Camera - Mostly Panasonic DVX100A with some old Super 8 clips mixed in
Post - Cut in Final Cut Pro 7 and Color Corrected in Apple Color

This is the only song that The Kingsleys ever recorded, probably because they realized that it could never be topped, so why bother.

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