Featurette: Remedy Games, Microsoft Game Studios

Featurette Co Director & Editor: Petri Järvilehto

This featurette represents the whole game.
A feature film length of cinematics (movie scenes) were produced in Alan Wake.

Cinematics in the featurette are the parts where you can see letterbox framing :)

Wikipedia for Cutscene/Cinematic:

A cutscene is a sequence in a video game over which the player has no control, often breaking up the gameplay and used to advance the plot, present character development, and provide background information, atmosphere, dialogue and clues. Cutscenes can either be animated or use live action footage.

Cutscenes are sometimes also referred to by other terms such as cinematics or in-game movies. Cutscenes that are streamed from a video file are sometimes also referred to as full motion video or FMV.

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