My new app gives untrained musicians like me better harmonic awareness. Next vid will show its CHORD powers, which is what it was originally made for.

Not the easiest to hit rhythms/pocket with touchscreen that lacks haptic feedback, sending notes via WIFI. I created a rhythm live pocket quantize type of VST plug-in to solve this but it only works when BPM is known so we can't use it when we have completely live drumming.

My goal is to create the future of beat performance, as I have grown unsatisfied with my own non-DJ performances gesturally.

When I was rocking Low End Theory 2 years ago, I used to play keys, bring my own tables and scratch.
But over the years, I wanted to bring less gear. I also got shit for taking up too much table space which I did and feel bad for.

So I have created this iPad app, which is even better for playing chords than the monophonic shit in this. I plan to release it soon

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