Ares was the first son of Hera and Zeus and was called Mars by the Romans. The god of war, his image changed enormously throughout the various ages and subcultures of Greece, ranging from the handsome, noble and stately warrior to the bloody and violent bully. He often traveled in the company of Eris, his sister, the goddess of discord and together the two were infamous for starting wars. He loved the goddess Aphrodite and carried on a famous affair with her despite her marriage to his brother, Hephaestus, and is credited with fathering her son, the god of desire, Eros. His sacred animal was the boar, his symbol a shield crossed with a spear.

In Ares, John is due to ship out on a Third-World peace-keeping mission when he accidentally makes a sacrifice to Ares, God of Bloodlust and War. John and Ares spend many days on the ground as peace-keepers in the war-torn African country of Illyria. When a young local woman is taken advantage of by an American corporate mercernary, Ares and his pacifist acolyte swear bloody revenge.


Maggie Kelley Connard

Damien Chacona

Joe Jarrell

Jon Fast

Jim Fourniadis

and Sean Kelly

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