Title: The Beautified Project - Butterfly
Director: Loris Movsisyan
Production: Movsisyan Productions
Lyrics: Andre Simonian
Music: The Beautified Project

"As a mysterious girl goes further into the search of her unknown path, her created world changes that of her fate"

"Butterfly" is the first official music video from the 2010 released album "Beyond the Butterfly..." It's the second studio album from the dark acoustic rock band "The Beautified Project".

The song is written by the band's songwriter and lead singer Andre Simonian, and the music is composed by The Beautified Project.

The music video features the performance of Armenian actress Luiza Nersisyan as the mysterious girl.

The director Loris Movsisyan took care of the production of this music video. Visualising, creating and delivering the final product from start to finish.

From April 2011, the music video is being aired on MTV ( Mid-East branch).

Copyright © 2010 Movsisyan Productions. All Rights Reserved.


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