The concrete remains of an old Paris apartment building set the stage for the 4th PXA Streetball meet. After a tough all-day battle in round 3 the PXA family showed nothing but love on and off the court throughout round 4.

Presented by Acht Sneakers Amsterdam:

Mad props to all the ballers who made it down to the court, the Nike Candy Girls, Le Closet, Soto Berlin, BKRW, Roucreation, Main de Fer, Sneakerheards, Duperre, and the boys of the Pigalle Paris.

A special thanks to Tom Brunet and Stéphane Ashpool of Pigalle for the dining, Amour room, and parties. The Guys at Soto/Made for being awesome. Guillaume of Filling Pieces for making it along. Adrian Walter aka Acid Washed for sending the iphone footage (even though it didn't make the edit). the hot German 5D photographer for being hot and German, and last but not least Big Chris Di Nuzio of RBF for inviting Acht Sneakers way back.

For more background on the Paris PXA event check out the below links:

Music track: Nas: One Love (remixed by MFDOOM)

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