Everyone is a winner but one won!
K3: int. Short Film Festival did for the first time go for the experiment of giving away the award in an open public discussion. This video documents the going of the discussion about following films in excerpts: Bititsch (Peter Bizjak, SLO 2009), Butterflies Die in Snow (Karim Azimi, Iran 2009), ICI (Stephan Groß, D 2007), Perpetuum mobile (Sebastian Kenney, CH 2009), A servico do homem (Iuri Bastos, BRA 2010), Das Arbeitszimmer (Helge Brumme, D 2008), Left-Right (Argyris Germanidis, Stavros Raptis, GR 2009), Synchronisation (Rimas Sakalauskas , LIT 2009) and Tapien Rim Klong (Nottapon Boonprakob , THAI 2009).
The discussion about the other films and videos were unfortuntately not captured in the whole length and could not be put in the video.
The experiment was carried out on the last day of the festival on Sunday, July 4th 2010 in Villach, Austria and succeded in finding common sense in a great winner film "A servico do homem", Iuri Bastos, Brazil 2010 and after a clapping meter and proposals of the preselection jury in two special mentions: one for Best Animation: "You´re Out"- Max Liebich, AUT 2010 and one for Best Camera: "Left-Right" Argyris Germanidis, Stavros Raptis, Greece 2010.
Statements on the going of the discussion and its future development will be posted on k3festival.com

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