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Since I was a young boy I was always attracted to her hair. It always seemed to express her energy. My aunt always played her music which made me very familiar with her stuff. When I think about who she is... I go back into time when she influenced me the most. This woman has power when she sings. That is why I chose her as the third installment of the "After Midnight" series. I didn't want to use one of her more popular songs (I like them in fact) so I chose Stay. It's not too slow and i think it adds variety to the songs I have chosen so far.

The series title has 2 meanings. First the literal one; I start the paintings usually at 2 AM and finish at around 4:30 AM. With all the stuff I do during the day, I surprise myself that I can keep going. The Second meaning tells the story of the night euphoria. A surprise concert, for the lucky few who get to see a time capsule of talent under the stage lights for one night only. And it only happens after midnight.

I chose to do different angles of me painting. This proved difficult for me because it's like trying to do math problems and sing a song at the same time. When I positioned my camera for a third angle I thought I hit record... but I didin't. So what you are seeing is about 2 hours of footage with one (what I think is crucial) final hour missing. I would like to thank Chowkwe Mask for giving me an example on how to white balance properly

tech heads:
Since I was already working on a white canvas, I used it for my white point. I was in cinematic mode and everything else was default. This looks like the best shot so far. Hopefully I can keep it up. I do wish to note, that the light tends to flicker from my shadow/ lack of shadow. Do I need to manually set the f-stop to stop this?

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