N.B - This is an English language film. (30mins) and has scenes of a disturbing nature and some swearing - Viewer discretion advised. Please ensure your monitor is setup correctly before viewing.

During a visit to France, I (John Knight aka Warped Jester) a member of the illustrious 'Fellowship of the Fork Handles!' (search Facebook) decided to try out an experiment in ‘off the cuff’ filmmaking with the aid of my two good friends Ben Woods & Paula Lewis at their beautiful French farmhouse.

The aim was to write, act and record a short Horror film (30mins) from scratch - Just three people, no prewritten script, no money, a cheap video camera (no manual focus etc!) no blood fx - no acting experience or pre prepared props, costumes, lighting or sound equipment.
Using only the resources gathered from the local area, namely 'Haute-Vienne' (French farm country)
Pitch forks from farmers and blood from wild berries etc.
Also added to the restriction was the addition of Ben & Paula's two young children- which obviously reduced filming opportunities to the five days that I was staying.

The final footage was edited on Ulead Video Studio 11 software - designed for simple family holiday footage (kind you get free with a camcorder) on a computer screaming for more memory lol.

The end result is proudly presented here now for your viewing pleasure. And i am thrilled with what we created and how it turned out.
I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Fork Handles!

Maison de la Fourchette (House of the Fork)
Fiona & Keith have just moved into their dream home in France, and invite a few close friends and Keith's obnoxious unwelcome brother Al to join them for a house warming party to celebrate.

Unknown to them, the house was the location of a series of mutilations many years ago by the owner and builder of the house 'Longeux Mathieu' (LM) a reclusive volatile farmer who later blamed the acts on the 'voices in his head' and was locked in a mental asylum.

Soon guests are missing as Fiona finds out more about the houses history- and it's mysterious connection to the crusades path and a Knights Templar act of savagery many years before.

"Some dream homes can be a nightmare"

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