Project: The Neighbourhood - NOW Mobile
Brand: NOW Mobile - United Kingdom
Production Company: The Neighbourhood
Director: The Neighbourhood

Background: Recently launched NOW Mobile have a new global campaign featuring Nowi the robot to promote their campaign “Talking your language”. Our involvement started at concept stages where we began with giving Nowi his personality and considering his movements.

How we did it: Getting together again with Jon and company at the Neighbourhood was always going to be fun. We watched Nowi being developed and added lots of voice treatments until we found what matched his personality.

The musical aspect of Nowi is very light and acoustic allowing every nuance to come alive, we kept it very simple with a theme which recurs throughout. The theme also allowed us to adjust each time we needed to create a Indian, or Hollywood sounding score for Nowi’s scenes.

The robot sounds, were kept very light as we wanted to keep the focus on his futuristic feel. The tonality of Nowi is a unknown material sound, which makes him flexible in movement, and able to articulate his personality through each interaction he makes.

Its a very gentle world without any real big impact sounds, which is perfect for his tone of voice.

Sounds we created include: Music textures, movement swooshes, voice modeling sfx, movement, body textures, scene specific sounds, walks, talks, slides, joints, bubble fx, localised voices, Indian scapes, interaction sfx, wobbles, GUI sfx.

music & sound:

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