Fan music video for "Wild Pack of Family Dogs" by Modest Mouse.

As Geoff slowly sips away at a cup hot chocolate on a peaceful December morning, he is visited by a wild pack of family dogs. Before he can even finish his beverage, his sister is abducted, his dad looses his job as a Mall Santa, and his own dog abandons him. Needless to say, Geoff's mom is not too happy about any of this and shows it with her fists.

My friend Geoff's backyard in good ol' Baltimore, MD

Tech Specs:
Camera - Eumig Nautica
Film Stock - Kodak Kodachrome K40 Super 8mm
Transfer - Spectra Film and Video
Post - Cut and Color Corrected in Final Cut Pro 7.

Although Geoff is seen sipping from his red reindeer mug throughout the entire video, there was actually never anything in the mug but cold December air.

Modest Mouse:
Spectra Film & Video:

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