Any city…

In any city of the world, it can happen that a pickup truck comes by night to a neighborhood and that its occupants roam the streets looking for "something". Also it can happen that this "something" is young people declared "trash" by society, and appointed as a target to be eliminated by some guys chosen to "clean" the neighborhood. Also in any city, this pick up truck might be call "Road to Heaven", as the youth of Cazuca calls it, since that is what it guarantees doing. And also it can happen that these young men, notwithstanding the permanent threat, do not give up their activities and ways of expressing themselves, in spite of those that put them in the bull’s eye, because being themselves is the only thing that makes them happy.
Any city is a prayer, a mantra that comes and goes in search for the conscience of the world. It is a whisper that asks us to stop, so this does not happen in any city.

This film was supported within the framework of UNESCO’s Cross-Cutting Theme Project: ICT@PSB: ICT-enhanced public service broadcasting: Contributing to the development of human rights, peace, tolerance and the fight against discrimination.
Communication and Information Sector.
Sector of Social Sciences.

Directed by: John Jairo de los Ríos
Bogotá, Colombia. 2005.

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