Four interactive infographics designed and built by Applied Works for The Times.

First up, “The Wall of Debt” accompanied coverage of George Osbourne’s emergency budget and illustrated the scale of the UK’s national debt, deficit and budget cuts over a 15 year period up to 2015.

The second is a World Cup planner that tracked all the fixtures, results and scorers of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa via a live data feed. The graphic also served up live stats for each of the 736 players at the tournament.

Thirdly, the ’Health of England’ graphic highlights the striking north/south health divide that exists in England using 32 different indicators of health. Regional scores are graded against the national average, marked green (better than average), yellow (not significantly different than average) or red (worse than average).

Finally, to commemorate 70 years since the Battle of Britain, this slideshow documents the events over an interactive timeline containing pictures, newspaper cuttings and audio clips.

Read more about these graphics on our website:

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