Unboxing an Archos Key 4GB MP3 Player with @zsunsun (twitter.com/zsunsun).

After playing with this thing for 5 minutes I have determined that it is something on which it is not even worth wasting one's time.

The audio quality is PHENOMINAL and it has a built in FM tuner, but that can't over come its lack of codec support (no sign of OGG, FLAC, Audible.com), poor feature set (no dedicated area for Podcasts), HORRENDOUS menuing (slow, convoluted and winding), and the inability to merge SD and Internal memory. Add to that the fact that it takes 5 seconds to skip between songs and 8 to skip between a song and a podcast and the thing is unusable.

Kudos to Archos on a nicely built (albeit a bit light) music player with great audio, but the Sansa Clip+ surpasses this on almost every user experience front. It is still the king.

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