HeadSpace is an experimental film inspired by the principles of Dada, a film about personal freedom and liberation. Throughout its surreal and dreaming scenery it tries to portray the resistance of the individual against all those factors that are trying to eliminate his freedom and free will.
A film full with symbols, such as the metronomes, which represent the fast speeds of the modern society, and akin to its mechanical sounds, it tries to sync you in its rhythm and speed.
The whole piece is represented as a Visual Chorography. It has been constructed around the principles of dance and precisely ballet. Here ballet is not just a form of dance; its the two contradictory sides of ones soul and mind, and like ballet in real life, it has strict rules that must be followed but on the other hand it is always a pure form of dance that it can set you free.
The driving force that keeps the film alive, is laying into the concept of the Art of Vision : an art of the eye. There is no reality and there is no fantasy, all that it is, is all you can see. What we call reality is not more than just a junction of subjective perception and restrained thoughts. Headspace is just A STATE OF MIND

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