Meet Felipe Molina. One member of a family that breeds incredible artists. I introduce you to Felipe through the memory of Ric Molina, his older brother and my biggest personal muse. I was excited to take this trip to Connecticut to meet the artistic family and film Felipe, who happens to share my birthday. Felipe and I had never met, but upon handshake I felt I'd known him for years. You can watch above to hear his words–no need for me to point out how articulate he is–but I ask you to note his content. To me, he himself within in six hours of outtake describes beautifully the creative process and creative spirit. I almost felt dishonest in editing his words to what you have in front of you.

Many have complimented me on the simple fact of presenting myself as someone he was comfortable (upon first meeting) to give these thoughts to. He had no idea what I was going to ask him, and kept wondering why I picked him. I turned on the camera prepared only to react to a casual conversation. He's truly my own form of captured artistic self expression. Until this post I've only shared this with fellow artists.

Please see a more detailed description of the day in my blog post:

Songs performed by Ric Molina and written by Ernesto Garcia de León.

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