Blow is a digital video exploring the relationship between the recognition of form and the perception of movement. This video digitally manipulates images from Andy Warhol's silent Blow Job, which depicts the rhythmic movement of a young man's face shown in close-up.

Blow uses a motion-tracking software created by the artist to analyze the movement of the face in Warhol’s film, and to visualize this motion as a network of lines, shown against the background of the original film.

Although the outline of the face dissolves into a multiplicity of abstract linear forms, its basic human features remain strangely recognizable. The experience of looking at the screen thus becomes a struggle to recognize the human face in the process of its formation, mutation, and dissolution. Figure is movement, and movement alone gives birth to the figure.

Blow relies on a motion tracking algorithm that tends to produce noise. Artists and engineers who use similar computer vision algorithms often try to minimize or exclude this noisy data. Instead, Blow embraces noise as an aesthetic element that adds texture to the image.

Blow is designed to be shown as an uninterrupted loop on a video monitor of approximately 25 inches. It is available as a DVD or a data file.

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