Attention be the key for this week ending the 25/07/10: Australians make robots with hoodies for sniper practice, India births the cheapest tablet PC at $35, no need for batteries when you can generate power from radio waves, delicious space news, and the Singularity topic for this week: The Attention Economy, the future economy for distributing and processing information... very, very awesome idea. So plug in, lend us some of your precious attention, and definitely throw us some feedback!

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Stories covered this week:
Aussies Sell 'Terminator' Robots to US Marines, India Builds World’s Cheapest Tablet: $35 [Android], Why the $35 Tablet Will Never Exist, Negroponte Offers OLPC Technology for $35 Tablet, Bye-Bye Batteries: Radio Waves as a Low-Power Source, Shape-Shifter Models For Clothing Ecommerce, Russia To Kick Off Construction Of A New Spaceport, Virgin VSS Enterprise (SpaceShipTwo) Makes First Crewed Flight, Neurosonics Live Hologram Music Video, Wikipedia: Attention Economy, The Ingenesist Project - The Next Economic Paradigm, Video: The Knowledge Inventory

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