See No Evil is about an affliction of the modern condition. Ironically, in an age where we’re bombarded by media images, the American public is experiencing a crisis of meaning. We lapse into boredom more rapidly than ever before, denying ourselves a state of existential being. In fact, we run from it. After all, in boredom, we must confront our own mortality.

See No Evil is a piece of myself. As a child I’d watch TV late into the night. I didn’t want to turn it off, because it would mark the end of a day. I’d watch anything, because it made me feel like I’d stopped time, like I could live forever watching reruns of Mama’s Family or hour-long infomercials for the Juice Tiger. Television helped me combat the loneliness of a dark room.

See No Evil illustrates resistance to confrontation with the finite self. It predicts a new media age, where we’ve developed an extension to boredom, narcissism, that we use in frantic desperation to avoid confronting our own mortality.

Due to the subject matter, I take on every part of production, from set-building to shooting. I created this film over several days, using Final Cut Pro and Photoshop to create the televised content. I then shot myself in the chair, and finally, shot the TV content through the screen, and wove that into the final sequence.

See No Evil is the beginning of a whole dark and mysterious place that I can't wait to explore.

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