I had the pleasure of contributing to the awesome Animation Tag Attack project, curated by the equally awesome Christen Bach. You can see the full thing and all the details at animationtagattack.blogspot.com/ .

"Each participant gets 4 weeks to produce between 5 and xx seconds of film. When the time is up, the clip gets uploaded to the blog and the next one in line takes over. It is up to each individual creator to pick the style and media they want to work in - and to decide how they think the story should evolve."

I was especially happy as this project gave me the opportunity to animate ducks getting shot in the head and celestial bear rays. I also got to use songbird sounds for a duck. That was fun.

This was created with the standard combo of After Effects, Flash, Photoshop and Soundforge. I talk about it more at length at bombsfall.blogspot.com .

By the way, I'm available for freelance projects this fall. Contact me at mrscottbenson@gmail.com!

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