This is the introduction to a continuing project I am doing on my own to tell the stories of those effected by the BP oil spill. As a straight-to-the-Internet piece, the Little Red Tar Balls project is manifest at and contains video segments in long form that I've produced along with 3rd party videos, links to organizations who are helping the people and my written entries.

This effort is apolitical. There are plenty of people and organizations pushing a particular point of view and I wish them well in their efforts. For me, this is not political. It's personal. Personal to those touched by the BP oil spill in bad ways and good.

My production facilities are my camera kit, a couple of laptops with external drives and a Dodge Magnum based at a clean, cheap motel in Biloxi, MS. I know that there will always be stories out there needing to be told but I can only continue to do this until the money runs out. So that's what I'll do.

Please follow the Little Red Tar Balls project blog. If you have things to add or tips to stories that need telling, please let me know through the blog's open threads.

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