Missing In Fiction is a short film about a boy stuck in his own fantasy.
Due to the happenings around him he escapes into a fantasy world to avoid the cruelties of war. In this fantasy the world is a fun place with Jugglers and Showmen. But reality catches up with him...

Written by Sebastian Simon and Jörg Gross
Director / Editor / Visual Effects – Jörg Gross
Director of Photography / Music / Sound Design – Sebastian Simon

Boy – Mario Mossmann
Father – Armin Brotz
Organ Grinder / Radio Operator – Felix Löchel
The "Get Away"-Soldier – Roman Ruf
Juggler with Drums / Machine Gunner – Marcel Melucci
Juggler with Long Coat / Screaming General – Johannes Neumann
Fire Juggler / Soldier throwing Grenades – Manuel Baus
Fire Spitter – Stefan Jocham
Juggler with Bells – Jan Beckmann
Organ Grinder for one second – Roman Müller

Alex Niess, Sebastian Wozni, Mathis Leicht, Norbert Szram, Simon Schaller, Niko Hornig, Johannes Müllerleile, Isabelle Springfeld, Mathias Hassenstein, Jens Dobbers, Martin Tapper, Kathrin Schindler, Christina Herlt, Kevin Albrecht, Claudia Camisa, Oliver Bährle, SoCalledChaos, TeamDrei Kirchheim/Neckar, Rutenfestkommission Ravensburg e. V., Schützenverein Weissenau, Krankenhaus 14 Nothelfer, Montessori, Kinderhaus Hirschgraben, DHBW Ravensburg

Dustin Schaber,Michael Discher, Paul Blechschmidt, Peter Köster, Gottfried Simon, Dieter Kiderlen, Wolfgang Knödler, Bodo Klose, Franziska Kubata,

Missing In Fiction has been created as part of a Bachelor Thesis at Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University by Jörg Gross & Sebastian Simon in 2010.
The short film was also produced in order to participate in the competition "Parallel Lines" by Philips Cinema (youtube.com/philipscinematv).

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