'Fall In Love With America - Again' - (created by Evie Evangelou, Amber Roniger and Dennis Gelbaum) is an innovative, timely and important new documentary style web and mobile based multimedia series highlighting stories from across America - stories from big cities, small towns, communities, neighborhoods, streets, homes, rooms… It's all about what we think America is, who American's are, how we see ourselves, and how we welcome the world to our home.

The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project is an expression of freedom, of creativity, inspiration and love of country. It is a declaration of the best of America by the people and for the people. I am certain that this campaign and project with its positive message and novel point of view, will create a halo effect around everyone involved." Evie Evangelou, Co-Executive Producer.

The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project will start September 11th, 2010 with the launch of interactive websites, social networks, video and audio channels and the project will continue through the kick off of the national, interactive and multimedia touring exhibit on September 11th, 2011.

The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project includes live webcam updates, producing a feature length documentary film, broadcast series and special, live events, touring exhibit, multimedia content produced by the project's A/V production team and submitted by folks all across America. The project will also include a series of contests and unique promotions - looking for the next great American song, video, photograph, illustration, short story, poem, chef, fashion designer, teacher, business leader, volunteer, local heroes and more.

"The 'Fall In Love With America - Again' project is about connecting and re-connecting, using all media to tell stories that will have everyone fall in love with America, again! Dennis Gelbaum, Executive Producer adds.

Natasha James Falls In Love With America Again
"It is not often you get asked to participate in a project that immediately strikes you as exciting, valuable, timely and interesting. In short, one that has all the elements that can bring wide interest and reception, the elements that ring that doorbell called, SUCCESS. In addition, it is even more rare, to be able to contribute and participate in all the very areas that are the most exciting to you. In my capacity as Judge, and writer, and performer, among other areas I am involved in with this project, I look forward to being able to uncover some gems of songs and work with the songwriters to be able to bring them to the spotlight. Dennis Gelbaum, the show's Co-Executive Producer, has brought such a project to me: 'FALL IN LOVE WITH AMERICA - AGAIN!' This is the story of all of us, for all of us, by all of us." Natasha James, 2010 Nominee L.A. Music Awards: Country Artist of the Year, 2010 Nominee L.A. Music Awards: Female Singer/Songwriter of the Year, 2009 Winner L.A. Music Awards: Country Album of the Year.

American Veterans Radio Falls In Love With America Again
“From the time I was a child in the foothills of Missouri, I knew that America was a special place. I was raised in a home where a Korean War Veteran happened to reside and I was privileged enough to call him my father. I went on to serve in the U.S. Army as well as my son who is currently serving as a Combat Medic. I know personally the sacrifices that have been paid to ensure that this beautiful land of ours remains free. The 'Fall In Love With America – Again!' project has touched my heart in a way I cannot explain; let it touch yours. I am extremely proud to be associated with this project and let us never forget that our freedom is not free: Won’t You Fall in Love With America – Again? Jim Lederle, American Veterans Radio

Laura Kennedy, host of the '2010 Veteran's Day Virtual Telethon' Falls In Love With America Again! “Joining forces with the 'Fall in Love With America – Again!' project was an easy decision since both of our campaigns are about remembering why we love our country, our flag, and our freedom. As a 21 year Navy Veteran and 9/11 survivor, there is nothing that makes me prouder than seeing our friends and neighbors showing their love and respect for this country by flying our country’s flag and sharing their stories about why they love America!" Laura Kennedy, USN-Ret

As a consultant, Laura Kennedy works one-on-one with both employers and employees to increase their productivity, work place attitudes, and teamwork, as well as their all-important bottom lines! Laura’s real passion revolves around helping others. Laura spends countless hours volunteering with the homeless & mentoring with Veterans.

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