Farmers' Markets are a melting pot of community, culture and connection.

They are one of the best places to get fresh food, support local farmers and sustainable agriculture.

Pat Battle shares with Dulcita Love why he is passionate about the Farmers' Market.

Pat says, "Basically, I want the world to decide that sustainable food is a value that we all need. And it's about community. Basically, Farmers' Markets are hot spots for reclaiming our lost culture. The world used to be about conviviality, about trust. It's a market. We're here because we know each other. I love it. How can I not come. I'm addicted. That's what I want the whole world to be. So in the market, people are saying I believe in you and we're saying we believe you'll come support us. And they say, we believe that supporting you is worth it. That's why."

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About this video:

At the end of a busy day when Pat Battle was taking down his stand, he enthusiastically agreed to an impromptu interview. One of his fellow Farmers' Market friends gladly held the video camera. I was particularly impressed with how pleasant and enthusiastic both farmers were in sharing their love of the Market.

A few months later, a filming crew with public TV, filmed Pat Battle. I had the opportunity to film them filming him as well as swap camera notes about my Flip Video and their professional 28 pound video camera. Pat's enthusiasm has inspired me to visit the Farmers' Market on a regular basis.

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