"Poor doesn't necessarily mean, miserable." -Gary Knight, photographer and cofounder of the VII Photo Agency

I edited a short "portrait" about Reginold with some of the video Kristyn Ulanday and I shot for our AmericanPoverty.Org Documentary.

The following is an excerpt about interviewing Reginold. It is from the blog I started writing during the filming process(blog.espositooriginals.com):

"Today I looked a man with nothing in the eyes and listened as he told me he was happy. Maybe he thought he would would leave the shelter in two to three months, once his paperwork is worked out. Or maybe, deep down inside, he knew he would never see his birth certificate from Jamaica.

This would be his temporary home, forever.

He would pause often and look out the window, taking in a deep breath, as if the hardships of his life weighed down on his lungs. He had said as much as he could about the last question and was waiting for the next.

His face illuminated when I asked him about his daughter. She kicked him out of her place almost two years ago. They hadn’t talked, but he missed her. He was sent to the hospital to get evaluated for diabetes and was taken to the 4th or 5th floor—he couldn’t remember. As they were doing tests a nurse walked in. It was his daughter.

That is happiness. That is real.

What made you happy today?"

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