PyCon Ireland 2010. (Dublin School of English on Sat 17th July)
This talk will showcase hints, tricks, tips and patterns using only these base data types to solve major day to day programming problems. Lists, dicts and sets are some of the most useful base types in Python, and have been optimised for speed by the Python core developers for the past 15 years. These objects form the underpinning of data structures in Python and form the core of most algorithms. Converting topics like the inner implementation of these data types, to advanced uses such as list interpolation and priority queues, you will learn techniques you can apply to your code starting today, along with random bits of Python trivia and cool programming tricks you can use to impress your friends and family!

(Level: Beginner)

All slides can be found at:

Thanks to
- Robert Murphy and Susan Bourke for videoing the talks on Saturday.
- Tim Kersten for cycling back home so we can have another roving camera on the day.
- Post-Production: Robert Murphy
- All the volunteer session chairs
- And you, who made this conference possible by attending! :-)

More details:

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