Started as a student project and now developed as feature lengh documentary.

Four of the survivors of tell us a story that takes us in 1941, when Romania entered World War Two. The documentary shows us the atrocities committed by Romanian authorities of the time against Jewish people living in Iasi, on June 1941, as seen through survivors eyes. Their flashback is terrifying. They lead us to the truth of that day, a day when 13000 innocent people were killed. A day called since: "Black Sunday".

student project - short doc was awarded with "Best documentary" at:
-Hyperion Stud Fest 2010, International student film Festival
-The International Documentary Film Festival ”AUTUMN IN VORONET”

written and directed by Mihnea Chelariu
DoP: Bogdan Ciubotaru, Mihai Filoneanu
editor: Madalin Cristescu
music: Cristian Matei
feature film status: in production
production company: PRINCESS MEDIA

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