Welcome to a Puzzling Adventure!

Hidden somewhere on the Green Man site is a box containing a fantastic prize : A limited edition 7" vinyl of a song by Lone Wolf, written especially for the competition and limited to just one single copy! Plus you will receive an IOU from Bella Union, giving you a copy of everything they release for one calendar year!

The hunt was inspired by Kit William's 1979 story book 'Masquerade'. A beautifully illustrated children's story that contained a subtle and complex set of clues that lead to an 18 carat golden Rabbit buried somewhere in the UK.

To solve the Lone Wolf puzzle you will need to carefully scrutinise each scene of the music video for '15 Letters', try and spot all 15 letters in each of the 15 scenes and unscramble them to form 15 different clues. These clues will lead you on a journey around the Green Man site and eventually to the location of the hidden box.

My name is Ashley and I devised and made the video and puzzle. I'll be on hand to give hints and answer questions (although I wont be giving away too much..!) leading up to the festival. I hope you enjoy our puzzle, and that one of you will be lucky enough to win the grand prize!

Happy puzzling!

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