Mai 2010 street art festival called “USE THE CITY 2010”, organized by European Capital of Culture - Košice 2013, Košice/SK
The second step was the occasion to extend our research involving others european authors and composers also linked to an «exulant» (exiled) destiny. Wandering across the universes of Kurt Weill, Milan Kundera, Norbert Glanzberg and Stefan Zweig, the performance includes fragments of their works, quotations from their private correspondence from exile, their biographies and the historical context they lived in. The question of language, exile, and the distended link with the native countries constitute the main theme of the dramaturgy. The performance is also strongly centered on movements work and video. At least, we insist on using the different native languages of these exiled artists until making hear some chosen articles of the universal declaration of Human Rights with its utopias still to attain.

Artistical Team of the project Pas à Pas
Artistic group of DIVADLO NA PERÓNE,
Artistic group of LÀ HORS DE,

Directed by: Nathalie Veuillet /FR/
Sound and video: Wilfrid Haberey /FR/
Scenography, light design : Rodolphe Martin /FR/, Timothy Marozzi /GB/
Graphic design: Jozef Tušan /SK/

Polyglot Performers:
Peter Kočiš /SK/ performing in SK, HU, GB, D language
Simon Marozzi /GB/ performing in FR, GB, RU language
Najib Oudghiri /FR/ performing in FR, DZ, SK, ES,GB language
Zusana Psotková /SK/ performing in SK, RU, FR language
Jana Varhalíková /SK/ performing in D, SK language
Jana Wernerová /SK/ performing in SK, CZ, GB, FR language

Cameraman : Bobo Vasiliak, Martin Kovo Kováčik

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