La Sposa di Carta/ Le passant considérable: Urban Performing Relief

Le passant considérable observe and record urban performing act’s resonances on accidental audiece. By video, photo and audio relief each city in which the performing act pass through reveal itself. A video-audio-photo installation is composed by putting together all the cities’ relief comparing differences and equalities.The instuments to this resaerch are two urban promenade: La Sposa di Carta and In Between.
La Sposa di Carta is a very long urban promenade that take inspiration by japanese butoh dance working on energetic transformation, expressivity, slowness by which he deal with themes like soul, human evolution and death.

Created and performed by: Davide Francesca

Realized by: Marco Democratico e Davide Francesca

Photographic relief by: Laura Milone

Video Relief: Laura Abdulcadir, Prisca Rinaldi, Olivia Giovannini, Marzio Mirabella, Marco Democratico, Louis Ponce

Audio relief by: Elisa Ricci

Artistic and drammaturgic support by: Elisa Ricci e Francesca Pedullà

Producted by: Associazione Culturale Corpi in Danza / Cind

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Elisa Ricci, Eleonora Coccagna, Daniela Allocca, Associazione Corpi in danza/Cind, Carolina, Giuseppe Losacco, Antida Gazzola, Walter Cammertoni, Chete Cavagliatto, Laura Saavedra, Pulso Urbano Festival, Donatella Canova, Marisa Carlini, Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Cordoba, Teatro Real, Giovanna Toneguzzo, Sofia Jaskoswky, Ale Cosin, Beatriz Molinari, Seba, Francesca Pedullà, Iat Gong School, Giovanni Di Cicco, Davide Ferrari, Claudia Monti, Eliana Amadio, Urban Bodies, Vittoria Gozio,Laura Abdulcadir, Josè Alejandro Heredia, Davide Dall'Osso, Lectorium Rosicrucianum, M°Tadashi Endo, M°Kazuo Ohno and to everyone who support and take care about my work now and in the future....

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