This is having a tremendous impact. Impact is the new hit single from Lyndon Lorenz, issuing incognito as Lyn Faber pounding on GarageBand and iMovieHD. All video is from a single source reel, "Impact 66", and features heavy salesmanship with appearances by Bonanza's Lorne Greene.

The public domain video was gratefully pinched from the ever-uber-awesome Prelinger Archive at, and is from a Chevrolet dealers' campaign in the mid-1960s. The original music was compiled in GarageBand using AMG and Apple Jam Pack loops.

So I spent the day doing this because we were supposed to have awesome thunderstorms, and I sequestered myself with indoor activity for the day, waiting for the front to churn in from the the west (always a cool view from our eagle's nest lab in Hoboken). Instead, the day has been beautiful and the weekend's over!

So here's the video. And that's Impact.

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