What a week in Sydney this week. Hurricane like storms one day and winter perfection the next. Added to that you have the running of the city to surf and the whole week seems a little surreal in retrospect. Thats why we live here though isn't it. The madness, that feeling like anything could happen if you just step out the door. Let it sweep you away next time but don't blame me for where you end up ;)

This weeks music come from a band called Black Taj from North Carolina. The song is called Fresh Air Traverse. Kinda sounds like a surf move I reckon. Great song anyway and I have been playing it over and over. You can find their music at the link below:


Surfers this week are: Jono Arnold, Christian Bessera, Beau Walker, alex, Ian Wallace, Chris Chapman, Claire Norman, Sam Macintosh, Justin Barmwell, Rama McCabe, Pama Davies, Aaron Graham & Josh Bull

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